Midwifery centre


With us there is daily access to doctors and midwives with long experience of both normal and complicated pregnancies.

We offer:

  • Personal care. The same midwife is responsible for you throughout your pregnancy.
  • If necessary, you can visit one of our responsible doctors who are all specialists in obstetrics and gynecology.
  • Course on breastfeeding, the baby, childbirth and the new family. We also have a special course for prospective twin parents.
  • On two occasions after childbirth you can come to us for a postpartum examination. Once when the child is about three weeks and once after 10-12 weeks.


We have high availability by phone.



Today, there are many opportunities to protect against unwanted  pregnancies. For protection against STDs it is important to use a condom or femidom.

It is important that the choice of contraception is individually adapted.

From us you can get advice and information about which contraception suits you best.

We also assist with sampling for sexually transmitted diseases, insertion / removal of IUD and hormonal implants, testing of pessaries and renewing your prescription of contraceptives.


We offer drop-in for contraceptives and sampling.

Only for shorter visits: pregnancy test, chlamydia test, renewal of prescription for contraceptives or removal of an IUD.

For a longer visit: IUD insertion, insertion and removal of a hormonal implant, testing of pessary or longer contraceptive counseling you have to book an appointment. 


Pap smear test

All women nationally registered in Stockholm are called by letter for pap smear test.

In Sweden, women are offered regular cell test checks to detect cell changes on the uterus / cervix, before they have developed into cancer.

The regional cancer center screening operation at Karolinska University Hospital calls all women in the county for gynecological cell sampling.

You will receive a response within 4-6 weeks - this applies to everyone, regardless of whether the test is normal or requires further action.