Gynecological ultrasound

UltraGyn has ultrasound units at Odenplans Läkarhus and at Sophiahemmet. Our doctors are gynecologists with a subspecialization in gynecological ultrasound diagnostics.

We do a gynecological ultrasound to examine the internal gynecological organs such as the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. We carry out, among other things, the following assessment:

  • investigations of cysts or changes in the ovaries
  • assessment of myoma or mucosal thickness in the uterus
  • measurement of follicles prior to fertility treatment
  • contrast study of fallopian tubes in fertility study, HSS.


We also take care of women who have had a bleeding in early pregnancy or previously have had an ectopic pregnancy and want an ultrasound examination, but have not yet registered at the midwifery centre. Then no referral is needed and the patient pays the usual patient fee.