At our gynecological clinics at Läkarhuset Odenplan and at Sophiahemmet we take care of women with gynecological diseases and disorders. For urgent gynecological disorders we refer to 1177 or the nearest gynecological emergency hospital. You can also call 1177 for help finding a gynecologist.

We investigate and treat gynecological diseases and disorders such as menopausal problems, prolapse, PCOS, bleeding disorders, incontinence, pain states and cell changes on the uterus.

We also conduct investigations on childlessness or repeated miscarriages.


If you have been a patient with us before, we try to offer a time with the same doctor if possible. If this is not possible, we try to offer another time to another doctor at one of our units, Odenplan or Sophiahemmet.

You do not need a referral to come to us.

All our doctors have specialist expertise.


If you need prescribed contraceptives, take samples for sexually transmitted infections or take a pap smear test, you can contact the midwife centre at Odenplan.